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SecondEgo® – the most advanced live chat and chatbot

SecondEgo® offers a whole new concept of live chat and chatbot software. An artificial intelligence built in SecondEgo® makes it alive. SecondEgo® can learn and solve real problems instead of you. SecondEgo can learn and gets smarter and smarter every day of usage. But not only that. SecondEgo can be a smart user interface for any electronic device as well. It can be an advanced expert system learning from databases or unstructured data. Or maybe a very complex questionnaire with instant analysis of results. You can use it in a way you like. Most of you will use SecondEgo® to help you manage your sales or after sales support on a very cost effective way.

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live chat and chatbot


Live chat 100%
Learning by experience 100%
Chatbot 100%
Mobile applications 100%
Artificial intelligence 100%

live chat and chatbot

  • easy deployment
  • fast learning
  • language modules
  • unlimited operators
  • unlimited websites
  • statistics
  • white label widget
  • and much more …