The most advanced livechat and chatbot

SecondEgo® offers a whole new concept of live chat and chatbot software. An artificial intelligence built in SecondEgo® makes it alive. SecondEgo® can learn and solve real problems instead of you. SecondEgo can learn and gets smarter and smarter every day of usage. But not only that. SecondEgo can be a smart user interface for any electronic device as well. It can be an advanced expert system learning from databases or unstructured data. Or maybe a very complex questionnaire with instant analysis of results. You can use it in a way you like. Most of you will use SecondEgo® to help you manage your sales or after sales support on a very cost effective way.

Six reasons for SecondEgo

Live chat and chatbot

SecondEgo can act as livechat and chatbot. In livechat mode he will help you with the knowledge he has, but also when administrator is not present he will still help people to better undestand your products or services.


SecondEgo conversations and variables can be send over email, can be written in your database, can talk with customers over Facebook Messenger and many more. SecondEgo can act as an live person and can be involved in many interactions.

Self learning

SecondEgo is able to learn from your live chat conversations. After certain period of time you will be able to let the chat on auto-pilot with less and less of live person interactions. It means significant reduction of costs and time savings.

Mobile application

Every SecondEgo can act as native mobile application for iPhone or Android. Mobile applications can act as an expert system for many different areas of knowledge, support, sales, guides and more. Your imagination is the only limit.

Mindmap control

SecondEgo mindmap control of conversation enables extremely fast and efficient development of conversation maps for chatbot. Mindmaps are close to human way of thinking and a bridge to chatbot artificial intelligence. Mindmaps change everything.

New user interface

SecondEgo represents new user interface for many applications where technology should interact with the users in most user friendly way – native human conversation. Complicated procedures might become simple.