New concept

SecondEgo is a live chat and chatbot software. The order of this two functions is arbitrary and depends mostly on the type of the user. The main difference between standard chat engines and SecondEgo is that your SecondEgo is smart as the first one. Like we are. SecondEgo will learn. Statistics shows that more than 90% of questions in current chat engines are repetitive. That means that we are losing 90% of our working time repeating the same answers for same or similar issues. SecondEgo solves this problem efficiently. SecondEgo is cleverbot and he can act as Facebook chatbot as well.

Why? Statistics shows that 79% of users prefer live chat because it provides prompt resolution. Therefore, live chat is necessary. SecondEgo represents the alternative to existing standard live chat solutions. SecondEgo has been in development phase for last three years. The solution has been tested on many different websites. SecondEgo has been accepted very well by many different users starting at governmental sites, larger companies like insurance firms and banks as well as many midsize and small businesses.

Who need SecondEgo? All website owners who are already using live chat and have human operators. They can significantly reduce the time consumption and optimize workflows in a company. But not only that. SecondEgo actively supports professional knowledge management in an organization. SecondEgo is also an excellent solution for all midsize and small business owners who cannot establish live chat service because they are not present in the office all the time.

Why and Who?

Bottom up or top down

Choosing first or second method does not change the goal. SecondEgo goal is to optimize and automate workflows and reduce time consumption answering on same or similar issues. Just try to find out what you want to do.

Bottom-up method

This method is very suitable for all those who already have a chat in place and just want to upgrade it. All they have to do is to setup basics on new SecondEgo account and use SecondEgo live chat like they did before. SecondEgo can learn. We certainly have to help him with that. After a certain period, the operator will be able to give some conversations on “SecondEgo autopilot”. The operator can always take over the conversation again. In such way, the operator will be able to control more chat windows at once, and when SecondEgo time comes, SecondEgo will take over the majority of work instead of the operator. Many clients have implemented such SecondEgo agents in last two years. While they are still learning, SecondEgo chatbots are getting better and better. Many active SecondEgo chatbots are so good that majority of users do not realize they are not chatting with a human. Your SecondEgo can be connected to Facebook messenger chatbot of your corporate Facebook profile as well.

Good: very easy to start, very fast results, works best for midsize and small enterprises, great savings, flexible in fast changing systems

Danger: it is possible but not recommended method for larger organizations. More complex systems could have a problem of information overlapping.

Top down approach

This method is suitable for organizations that want to keep knowledge management under control and want to reduce costs of sales or support live chat services. In case we choose top down method, we will build SecondEgo agent before it is in action. SecondEgo supports many methods and tools that make knowledge management easy. Supported language modules help that recognition of the meaning development of SecondEgo chatbot agent could be very fast. Approximate time to establish a good working system by the method top down method is two or three months in larger organizations like insurance companies, banks, etc.

Good: knowledge management support system, controlled growth of the system, reduced risks of mistakes, informations overlapping is rare, best for midsize to a bigger organization. Results and savings are significant.

Danger: implementation time could be longer, requires more structured approach, normally additional consultations and support are almost necessary.

SecondEgo technology platform is also a basis for some expert systems, advanced questionnaires or surveys, advanced technology control systems and more. In fact, SecondEgo represents entirely new user interface for many future mobile applications. Such applications based on SecondEgo platform are already available as mobile applications for iOS and Android. Therefore, SecondEgo is a very good choice also in case you want to build an information expert system or application to control a different kind of electronic systems. SecondEgo is cleverbot and he can act as Facebook chatbot as well. SecondEgo platform for mobile application is an environment where very complex applications can be developed much faster than any other way.

Mobile, expert systems & more ...

And more ...

Basic customization

Basic customization of your SecondEgo chatbot will only take you a minute of your time. It is easy to personalize it by changing a few settings, like name, language, style, color, and image. You can switch on built-in modules that enable your SecondEgo to start chatting with the visitors immediately. You can choose his sex, personality (serious or friendly) and he or she will be able to answer many common questions. Other modules you can switch on or of are general knowledge, information from Wikipedia, chat phrases and generic replies to unknown questions. With other fundamental built-in modules like data about your company, employees, and products, your SecondEgo virtual assistant is ready. From experience setup of new SecondEgo virtual assistant with all essential data should not take more than 30 minutes.


You can add SecondEgo live chat and chatbot to your website very easy. Just create a SecondEGO account and place the customizable widget by pasting a line of code in your website. It is as simple as adding a Google Analytics to your HTML code. It is also very simple to implement it in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other CMS …